Top 10 Most Incredible Futuristic Houses


Most of us picture a quaint, quiet, sturdy, and simple structure when the word “house” is mentioned. Typical Victorian style houses, no matter how common they are, still have the power to wow the majority of individuals who lay eyes on them. But, some people have taken home design to a whole new level with never before seen innovations and state-of-the-art features and functions guaranteed to awe even the most seasoned of architects and engineers.

Some  combine convenience with environmental consciousness to come up with unparalleled living spaces sure to make your home life simpler, more sophisticated, and problem-free.

Here we picked out the 10 most beautiful and innovative future homes that we can only wish we lived in.


  • Cliff-edge House with A Pool For A Roof – Open Platform Architecture takes homes with pools to the next level with this one-of-a-kind design. Built embedded into the edge of a cliff, this futuristic home makes use of a crystal clear pool as its protection against the bright Greek sunshine. 
  • Hydraulic Roof House – Designed by Belgian-born Michel Boucquillon, this home’s centrepiece is its hydraulic powered roof that opens like a butterfly’s wings up to 30 degrees on each side. This feature allows for a cooler internal temperature ideal for those hot summer days. 

DuPont’s Corian® Residence– Corian is commonly used as a composite for kitchen counters, but DuPont has figured out an entirely new way to make use of its popular material. This makes for a home that’s immune to aging and wear and tear. Don’t expect any discoloration, pitting, or cracking when you buy this extra tough, however uber stylish, home of the future. 

Miami Future Villa – The Royal Villa, Miami – as it’s being called – was thought up by Dmitriy Kuzenetsov with kings and sultans in mind. This futuristic home provides its residents with an endless view of the Miami skyline from its high glass windows and intricate form. 

  • The Ring House & Atelier –Marwan Zgheib, an award winning architect, designed this house for a renowned jeweller in the city of Riyadh. This modern residence astounds audiences with such well thought out minimalism and an excellent flow of energy across all spaces of the house.


  • Self-Sustaining Forest House – Houses tend to leave behind an impact on the land it stands on especially after a few years of operation. But this one of a kind, eco-friendly house designed by Konrad Wojcik does zero damage on the land it stands on. This unique design takes on the form of a metal tree and makes use of 100% renewable energy to power the appliances and electronics within its walls.


  • Self-Sustaining House on Stilts – Futurist and designer Benoit Challand has rendered a photo concept of a residence that stretches the bounds of what we know today as traditional living. His ideal future home is set above a hill landscape and stands on nothing but stilts. This artful house is run purely by solar panels and a wind turbine for a completely green living experience.


.Disappearing Walls – Green Greenberg Green House, as it’s curiously called, was designed by New Theme, an architecture firm in Los Angeles. This home takes you a step closer to the future by bringing you back to nature with sliding glass walls that open to pockets of gardens inside and outside the residence.


Belgian Loft Inspired By Retro Airstream Silhouette – Dethier Architecture created this cutting-edge loft design with the image of an Airstream Trailer in mind. This futuristic looking home is completely streamline-looking and features appliances and walls in aluminium or chrome finish, to make you feel like you’ve just taken a trip to the future.


EcoHome – MercuryHouseOne was designed by European architects from Italy and Switzerland and incorporates function and aesthetic to come up with one compact ultimate future home. Don’t be fooled though, modern engineering has made this humble home look a lot smaller on the outside than it is on the inside.


FuturisticFututistic houseHouse




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