Kolibree ArA Connected Electric Toothbrush

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  • Kolibree ArA Connected Electric Toothbrush

    It is a well-known fact that children don't like brushing their teeth. No matter how hard you try, you never succeed in making them like it. And even if they do brush their teeth, you do not know how to make sure they brush efficiently.

    Kolibree conducted a survey which brought two main results to light:

    - 50% of children don't like brushing their teeth because they find it boring

    - only around 30% of your tooth's surface is correctly cleaned during usual brushing.

    Kolibree aims to tackle these issues in order to improve the dental hygiene of everyone. How do they do that? By making brushing your teeth a fun experience for the whole family.



    Kolibree ArA will transform teeth brushing into a fun and educational moment

    Kolibree can be connected to your smartphone via bluetooth so that you can use apps and brush your teeth at the same time. In fact, the brushing is part of the game. For instance, Go! Pirate is a game based on teeth brushing. The better you brush your teeth, the more you will improve your score and your ranking compared to the other players.

    This is a way to transform a boring task into a fun experience. Also, parents will be able to have an immediate feedback and follow their kids' brushing.

    Kolibree ArA: not only for children but for the entire family

    It will record the movements of the tooth brush in your mouth and show you on your phone which areas you are neglecting.

    Each member of the family can use the tooth brush and have his or her personal coach. As a matter of fact, you can change the head and have it in different colors. Kolibree is compatible with Smartphones and Tablets, iPhone using and smartphones using android. An account can be used by different users as you can create several profiles.


    Kolibree Smart Connected Toothbrush

    Kolibree Connected Electric Toothbrush


    Kolibree ArA and its web service platform will record all your data

    The Kolibree Web Platform enables the user to have access to the results of his previous brushings. Therefore, he can assess the improvement of his brushing and follow the evolution by viewing the graphs and statistics.

    Use Kolibree ArA for a better dental hygiene

    Make teeth brush an interesting experience and improve your smile and dental hygiene at the same time. Not only will you be able to improve your own health but you will also have an efficient way to check on your children's brushing.

    Kolibree Smart Connected Toothbrush


    Main Features

    • Brushing data are synchronized on Kolibree App
    • Monitor your performance
    • Personal score based on online and offline brushing
    • Weekly e-mail report shows how well you've brushed over the last seven days
    • Improve oral care and interact with your dentist
    • The kolibree App is on the Apple Store and Google Play
  • - 1 toothbrush
    - 1 brush head
    - 1 charger
    0.85 lb

    Wireless charging, Internal Li-iOn 650mAh


    Sonic technology, variation speed control and brushing patterns from 12000 to 32000 vibrations per minute

    Android and iOS




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